Court Ordered Services

Northern Utah Counseling offers many services ordered by local and state courts. In addition, NUC is contracted with The Division of Child and Family Services to provide many of these services. Services are available in a timely manner to accommodate court orders and include the following:

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Assessment

Through the use of accepted tools like the SASSI-3, professional staff with years of experience treating substance abuse problems is able to assess the needs of clients and channel them to appropriate resources. When court ordered, a copy of the assessment is provided to the court to help the Judge make effective and efficient use of the resources available.

Prime for Life

This is a program addressing drug and alcohol abuse education. The program consists of 16 hours of classroom/group work and is generally recommended for those not heavily involved in substance abuse. The program helps attendees to understand substance abuse and its consequences. NUC is certified by the State of Utah to provide this service.

Custody Determination Assessment

Divorce is a stressful time, even more so when children are involved. Northern Utah Counseling staff keeps the best interests of the children in mind when custody is the issue. Timely and informative reports are provided to the courts.

Reunification Services

When children are removed from biological parents for any reason, efforts to reunite the family and provide safety for the children are critical. Northern Utah Counseling provides services to the parents and the children in such cases with the ultimate goal of reuniting the family in a safe environment.

Domestic Violence Recovery

The causes of domestic violence are many and varied. One thing all domestic violence cases have in common is a need for resolution so that the people involved can get on with their lives. Northern Utah Counseling provides therapies to help deal with anger management, self esteem issues, and control issues associated with many domestic violence cases. Court reports are timely and thorough.

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